Kruger Lowveld Tourism Newsletter – 28 November 2017

Author: | Published by KLCBT on at 09:23:25 | Last Updated On: 28 November 2017
  • Feedback on training:  Kruger Lowveld Welcome;
  • Get social with Kruger Lowveld Tourism;
  • Traffic cop corruption…

Feedback on training; Kruger Lowveld Welcome

Kruger Lowveld Tourism recently launched its new introductory, tourism customer care training programme – Kruger Lowveld Ehlanzeni Welcome.   Designed for frontline personnel who regularly come into contact with visitors to the region, the programme assists participants to achieve service excellence through a focus on understanding and meeting customer needs and expectations.   To date, 66 people from a variety of hospitality and tourism businesses have participated in the programme, including personnel working at hotels and guesthouses, tour operators, resorts, spas, tourist information and visitor attractions, to name a few.   Feedback from participants has indicated how the programme has proved to be an eye opener, not only in helping to build on one’s service excellence, but also in expanding one’s knowledge of Kruger Lowveld / Ehlanzeni as a major tourist destination, and thus appreciating the economic value of tourism in the region.  Through the interactive and practical nature of the programme, participants have found the content useful and highly relevant.   It is the intention to roll out the programme across the region.  Dates for 2018 will be advised early in the new year. Product owners and individuals are encouraged to sign up. The programme can also be delivered in-house at the request of product owners.  For more information, email Nomkhosi Dlamini

Get social with Kruger Lowveld Tourism

Follow Kruger Lowveld Tourism on all of our social media platforms to spread the news of what’s happening in the region, and increase our LIKES and FOLLOWS and the number of tourists to the region! We now have 6808 Facebook likes. Our top post over the past two weeks was a photograph of the Barberton-Makhonjwa Geotrail. It received 33 Likes, 11 Shares and reached 2954 people. We now have 29.1k followers on Twitter. Our top tweet over the past two weeks was about the Woodland Kingfishers which have arrived and are being seen and heard widely throughout the region. The post was retweeted five times, received 13 likes and had 751 impressions. We now have 1867 followers on Instagram. Our top post over the past two weeks was a photograph of Crocodile Bridge, one of 10 entry gates into the Kruger National Park. It received 102 likes! Remember to engage with us. Kruger Lowveld… It’s in our nature!

Traffic cop corruption

Written by Chris Harvey

British tourists were stopped in Graskop recently for not stopping at a Stop Street where they had definitely stopped. A stand-off occurred, a R750 cash fine was requested, until the tourist pulled an anti-corruption card from his shirt pocket, at which point he was waved on with a grumpy smile. These cards WORK! Kruger Lowveld Tourism is printing another 200 000 Roadside Anti-Corrution Cards for the festive season.  Please get yours from the office at Crossing Nelspruit.   In a second case, a Bourke’s Luck cop was caught red-handed when a tourist phoned the number on the card and reported the incident on site. Action is being taken against the cop in question.   Sadly, corruption is cropping up again and again, but whereas Mbombela and SAPS seem to be reading our letters and taking action to remedy their failings, the Traffic Department seems to be ignoring the problem. The last time this happened, we established that the reason was that corruption spread right to the top and everyone was on the take. I hope that is not the case now and that someone senior will step in. MR NKUNA, MRS NKUNA – that would be your department. And if it is not you, please tell us who we should be talking to!

Here are two more incidents, faced by one tourist, from an email received:

On 9 November an Australian family travelling North on the R40 was stopped immediately after Hazyview by traffic police, supposedly for not stopping at a stop sign which was out of the traffic cop’s line of vision! The cop produced a laminated piece of paper with fines listed on it, showing that he was going to fine them R2 000. But then he said he would only fine them R1000!

HE DID NOT WRITE OUT A TICKET OR A RECEIPT AND OBVIOUSLY JUST POCKETED THE MONEY! This traffic cop’s blatant dishonesty is not a surprise. Perhaps his superior also gets a cut to look the other way?   Then about 30 minutes later they were stopped again at Bushbuckridge. Another car had been pulled over and as he manoeuvered his large car around that vehicle his tyre touched the white line.  The female traffic cop felt that this was grounds to pull him over for a ticket, after seeing his Australian drivers licence. He pulled out his old South African drivers licence, explaining that he’d lived in South Africa for 28 years without incidents like this. Clearly foreign visitors are being fleeced by these dishonest traffic cops because at the lodge others also had similar stories to tell. To say that these people are disgusted by this incident is an understatement. They will not be returning to South Africa in a hurry.    That is what happens. We lose tourists. Enough said.