KLCBT invites nominations for new board and committee members

Author: | Published by KLCBT on at 11:39:10 | Last Updated On: 12 April 2018

It is election year for the KLCBT and new committee and board members will be elected as from the AGM taking place early in June.

To prepare for these elections, we invite nominations from interested parties who wish to serve in these capacities.

At the AGM, the new Business Chamber committee will be elected in its entirety. One representative from each of the major business sectors will be elected from all the nominations received. Interested parties can nominate themselves for more than one sector where appropriate.

The Regional Tourism Management Committee’s elections are ongoing. A representative for each LTO is elected at their own AGMs as and when they are held. Each LTO has a seat on the Regional committee, plus any other co-opted members, where specific expertise is required.

Once these committees are both confirmed, they will elect their new chairpersons and vice-chairpersons, plus non-executive board members to form the new KLCBT board to sit for the next term of two years.

The new board will elect amongst themselves, their new president for the next two years. The outgoing president will remain on the board for at least one more term to ensure continuity.

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Organigram & Executive Structure

Contact Linda Grimbeek at 013 755 1988 or E-mail linda@klcbt.co.za for further information.