Both the private and public sector are facing challenges regarding mismanagement, corruption and unethical business practices. We are committed to making a positive difference in the communities in which we live and work. We recognise the following definition of responsible business practice:


“Responsible Business is the commitment of business to contribute to sustainable development – working with employees, their families, our members, the local community and society at large to improve the quality of life, in ways that are both good for business and good for development.”


What can you do?

1. Report wrong-doing

Have you been a victim of corruption? Are you aware of any unethical activities? Nothing will ever change if you don’t report it! If you, your guests or clients experience corruption or mismanagement, please report to with the following info:


For example:

It is strictly illegal to pay cash to a traffic officer or to any other official on the roadside.

Legitimate fines should be paid at a police station or magistrate’s court only, where a receipt must be issued.

If you are asked to pay a cash fine by a traffic officer on the road side, it is likely to be a bribe, report it to 082 451 7044 and do not pay it. Insist on a proper fine, which will show the traffic officer’s name and signature and will help the case to be prosecuted. The investigating officer will need as much detail as possible about the date, time, location and name of the official. Even the official’s vehicle registration number may be helpful. Please do not try to take a picture or video—it is not legal without permission.

2. Print & Share the integrity code

What does integrity mean to you: print code here!

The KLCBT President took the pledge at his inauguration and all members present took the pledge at our recent AGM.

Put your hand on your heart and repeat after me…

I, ….. Hereby pledge that I will uphold and promote good integrity in all my dealings, actions and attitude and that I will not ignore or allow any action that will harm or tarnish my integrity:

I pledge to be honest,

To be respectful,

To empower others and myself,

To be fair,

And to live with the spirit of Ubuntu…   

Currently, the KLCBT management is encouraging some of the local business ambassadors and some key government institutions to adopt the pledge in their own environment.

Expanding the meaning of the Code:

HONESTY:  (Doing what you say)

Being Truthful and honest in all our dealings, disclosures and reporting

Delivering on our promises

Refraining from activities that are corrupt or can be seen as promoting corruption in society

Duly considering the interests of people, communities and the environment where decisions could affect them.

RESPECT:  (Others’ rights & dignity)

Treating customers, staff and all other stakeholders with dignity

Upholding basic human rights, including those set out in the South African Constitution

Refraining from arbitrary or unjustified discrimination against anyone

Ensuring a safe and healthy work environment.

FAIRNESS:  (Balancing interests)

Supporting free and fair competition by not being involved in price-fixing or other anticompetitive activities

Upholding just labour practices and paying fair wages

Negotiating in good faith, and refraining from coercion

Supporting freedom of association and collective bargaining.

EMPOWERMENT:  (Taking ownership)

Actively promoting good citizenry and participating in the community

Exercising our obligations with due care, diligence and the required skill

Practising good governance in our business strategies and operations

Upholding all applicable laws, rules, and standards, reporting corruption and illegal activities.

UBUNTU:  (Thinking long-term)

Being prudent in our use of natural resources

Supporting growth and development in South Africa, by, for example paying our due taxes and providing reasonable remuneration to employees

Being sensitive to inequality in the economic, social and natural environments in which we operate.


3. Participate

KLCBT regularly organises great events where you can network and discuss topics relevant and important to you.

or join one of KLCBT’s advocacy committees.  Please have a look at this presentation and see if there is one of the advocacies you are interested in and become a member of the sub-committee:  KLCBT AGM Advocacy Report  Please contact Linda Grimbeek and become involved…


4. Get to know our local NGO’s (charities) and support them

Follow this link to our members’ portal to meet all our charities:

In the “Search” block, type “NGO” to filter the search down to find the NGO’s

For further information about charities and donating to charities, please contact

Zelda Koegelenberg at 013 755 1988 or e-mail:


5.  Donate redundant furniture / hotel linen to charity

This is one of our little side projects we run in the Chamber.  If you have to scrap furniture / linen, you are welcome to contact Zelda and we will assist you to donate the items to where it is needed most, i.e. orphanages, old age homes, etc.

Zelda Koegelenberg at 013 755 1988 or e-mail:


6.  Empower yourself with knowledge about Corruption and Fraud

Many crimes are not reported because of ignorance and far worse, many are committed because of ignorance because “everybody does it”…

Corruption and fraud are definitely in that category and few people are properly informed about this animal that is the force which is destroying our beautiful country.

In the next few weeks we will regularly post pieces to inform businesses about these issues and you can also read more about them here.  KLCBT will also follow up on corruption and fraud-related cases and see what happens with them, were the arrested people brought to justice, and what was their sentences.  Were witnesses protected, etc.

Watch this space…




Linda Grimbeek

013 755 1988