Movies @ Emnotweni (8-14 June 2018)

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14 June 2018

9:00 pm

Tylor Perrys Acrimony (16 DLSV)

Sherlock Gnomes 2D (PGV)

Deadpool 2 (16 DLSVPPS)

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom 3D (13LV)

Samson (TBC)

Overboard (13DLS)

Breaking In (16DLV)

Nommer 37 (16DLV)

Mon – Thu: From 11H00 to 20H15

Fri to Sat: From 09H00 to 22H15

Sun, Public and School Holidays: From 09H00 to 20H15

Children up to 17 pay R17 2D / Adults R22 2D

Children up to 17 pay R25 3D / Adults R30 3D