Cooking workshops @ The Seedling

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29 June 2019

With the rapid worldwide increase in plant-based eating habits, it has become necessary to update our perspectives on nutrition, food production and preparation.
Here at The Seedling we have put together various practical workshops to help those who are simply curious, as well as those who would like to transition from being omnivores or vegetarians to following a vegan lifestyle.

(29 June  2019)
It often happens that vegan cooking with good intention falls flat when the final product reaches the taste buds. There may just be that final ingredient lacking, that final wow-moment not happening, because the elusive Umami sense is missing.
This session has all to do with TASTE – how to achieve that aha-satisfaction without the use of animal ingredients. There is no reason to gain a reputation for bland vegan cooking – the answer lies in understanding Umami.

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