Author: | Published by KLCBT on at 09:06:48 | Last Updated On: 20 July 2018

This is a unique opportunity to showcase your entrepreneur’s talent and most of all to promote your business at this most prestigious event.

The evening is attended by 430 top business people and a select group of top government officials of the region.  This select audience will watch a short video of each of the 3 finalists in every category.  Great exposure at only R300 entry fee!

It is a huge honour to be the recipient of any of these awards and you will have beautiful trophy and a certificate to put in your office afterwards, plus you will have the opportunity to get your video for your personal use at a cost of only R2000.  (Only if you want the video, otherwise no extra charges for the production of the video).

Entry form:  2018 KLCBT Annual Awards Entry Form and Criteria