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I would like to invite your company to consider partnering with the KLCBT in the ANNUAL AWARDS as this is an important initiative, which plays a significant role in the business community that gives recognition to outstanding performance in many spheres.

The offer to sponsor a KLCBT Award is on an invitation basis and only available to our members. It is important that they are viewed as an example of good conduct and practice good citizenry, as well as active involvement in the activities of the KLCBT.

Sponsorship of this award gives considerable coverage to the sponsor in the following manner:

The sponsorship includes the following benefits:

  1. Recognition is given in all Annual Awards emails sent out as well as the press releases and social media to follow the event;
  2. 15 second Still-advertisement on the evening of the event, which is shown on the big screens throughout the evening;
  3. Your company logo to form part of the video clips of this category;
  4. Your logo engraved on the trophy plate together with the KLCBT logo;
  5. Printing and framing of the winners certificate;
  6. Mention in the booklets which are on all the tables;
  7. As well as public recognition on the evening;
  8. Additional media coverage post the awards event also forms an important part of the awards program. Coverage of each award is given in electronic medium to the total membership of the KLCBT which entails some 1000 members.

We would like to offer your Company the opportunity to join the ranks of our annual award sponsors, particularly because of the prestige that your Company would add to the Award category.

The purpose of the Awards is to honour and give recognition to excellence in the business and tourism/hospitality industry and to build confidence in local business and has become recognised as one of the most prestigious awards for business and tourism in the Lowveld, and has been running for some years.

Sponsorship of the Award entails a commitment of R10, 000.00 for 2018. This sponsorship amount goes to the KLCBT, and costs for the requisite certificate, video footage of all three finalists in the category as well as the trophy are carried by the KLCBT. Administration costs are also included.

Our past and current sponsors are as follows, and this gives a suggestion of the prestige attached to the sponsorship and to the awards program itself: Sizwe Ntsaluba Gobodo, Tracker, AON SA, Bidvest Car Rental, MMC, MLF, Roan Systems, etc.




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