Annual report

KLCBT’s Annual Reports delivered at the 2018 AGM:

KLCBT hosted a very well attended AGM today, presenting a programme packed with feedback and information.

After a presentation of the Annual Financial Statements, auditor Margaret Raubenheimer of A2A Kopano, gave an unqualified opinion and declared the organisation financially sound.

Victor Bridges from Mobipaid explained the requirements and restriction /implications of taking remote credit card payments, per telephone and online, and presented their excellent system which is fully compliant.

KLCBT COO Linda Grimbeek presented the operational report which was well received by the audience. Most members were surprised by the vast amount of work done by KLCBT with very little resources.

Download report:  KLCBT Operational Report 2018

President Oupa Pilane made his farewell speech as his two-year term will end when the next president is elected in July / August 2018.

Download speech:  Presidential Address AGM 2018

The formalities ended in the confirmation of the new Regional Tourism Committee and the Business Chamber Committee, whereafter the COO explained how the rest of the election process will proceed during the next couple of months, to form the new board and the election of the new president.

Regional Tourism Committee:  Regional Tourism Committee 2018

Business Chamber Committee:  Business Chamber Committee 2018 Revised

Election process going forward:  Election process going forward

KLCBT’s Annual Reports delivered at the 2017 AGM:


KLCBT held its AGM on Wednesday 14 June 2017 at Nou’s Toeka, Nelspruit.

The event was very well attended with 87 members present.  Many people complimented KLCBT on their positive attitude especially during the uncertain economic and political climate.

The event was opened with prayer by Past TJ Mare, Chairman of the KLCBT Business Chamber, followed by the president’s address delivered by President Oupa Pilane, during which he reported on the hightlights of the past year:

Download President’s Address:  KLCBT AGM 2017 Presidents Address

Next up was the Audit Report delivered by Mrs Margaret Raubenheimer from A2A Kopano Inc.  She declared the company’s finances in good health and gave an unqualified opinion.  The financial statements were approved and adopted, followed by the minutes of the previous AGM.

The brand new Kruger Lowveld promotional video was launched next and drew a loud applause from the audience.  KLCBT’s own Xoli Makhubo and her cousin were models in the video which was expertly produced by SANHU productions.

Linda Grimbeek, COO delivered a report on the regional marketing, KLCBT statistics and extracts from the recently published socio-economic case for tourism.

Download Marketing Report:  KLCBT AGM Marketing Report 2017

Pastor TJ Mare concluded the event with an impressive report on the incredible advocacy work the KLCBT is doing.  At the end of his speech, the audience were invited to join him in taking the pledge of integrity, Hand on my Heart.  (In the picture)

Download Advocacy Report:  KLCBT AGM Advocacy Report

The guest speaker, Mr Paul Mullon presented highlights on the implementation of the new Protection of Personal Information Act.

Download POPIA presentation:  COR Concepts_ POPIA_workshop_2017 Final


KLCBT’s Annual Reports delivered at the 2016 AGM:

KLCBT AGM 2016 Speeches Author: KLCBT | Published by KLCBT on 21 April 2016 at 07:55:38 | Last Updated On: 21 April 2016

During the KLCBT’s Annual General Meeting, held on 14 April 2016 at Nelspruit Hotel and Conference Centre, the following reports were presented:

  • Auditor’s report, presented by Margaret Raubenheimer of A2A Kopano;
  • A word from the board by Sandra Jacobs, Board Member;
  • Kruger Lowveld Tourism’s Medium Term Marketing Strategy, by Lisa Sheard, Executive Director – Tourism;
  • The KLCBT’s role and advocacy role by Linda Grimbeek, COO

Download presentations:

KLCBT Audit Report Presentation Abridged 2015

A Word from the board

Kruger Lowveld Tourism Medium Term Marketing Strategy

KLCBT Mandate Role and Advocacy Role