2018 will be a good year for those who can embrace change

Author: | Published by KLCBT on at 07:44:20 | Last Updated On: 19 January 2018

The success and survival of business is depending on how they respond to change, uncertainty, crisis, etc.  We call ourselves entrepreneurs not only because we have a certain skill set and because we are working independently, but also because we should have this unique quality to be responsive to outside influences.  That being said, 2018 will be a true test of entrepreneurship.  I think we will see a lot of change, uncertainty, crisis, political changes and political scares.  However, the best opportunities hide amongst these “distractions”.  A good entrepreneur will swipe the headlines aside and look for the opportunities which everybody else forgot about.  One thing is certain, it will not be “business as usual”.  We will have to be flexible, think on our feet and stay with the game, regardless of how scary it seems out there.  Will it be a good year?  Of course, it is always a good year for those who have an open mind and wide open eyes, who participates actively and who care about building our nation.  For those who do not want SA to change, or who are only interested in criticising actively, who want to carry on as they always have – I can tell you for sure, for them it will be the worst year ever…

Just a side note, the Rand / Dollar exchange rate is a clear indication of how investor confidence is rising at the moment with the current changes in politics.  If all goes well, a more stable political climate, will then lead to investment and economic growth.